The Life Long Learning (LLL) program in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is an effective educational program for medical doctors and health specialists, including registered dietitians, nurses and pharmacists offering training on-line and at live courses, by variety of innovative training methodologies and resources.

The LLL program in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is based on an educational curriculum offering a variety of training modules that were created and peer reviewed by recognized European experts.  Interested individuals are able to register online at where they will be able to access the modules free of charge. In addition, to the online training program, Live courses are available that provide intensive training and certification.  You can find out about Live courses by clicking here.

Each online module consists of:

  • an updated review on a particular problem
  • the clinical case
  • a self-assessment test
  • a grading quiz

Modules on related subject areas are grouped into topics making it easier for the user to select modules in a particular field of interest. Credits are awarded for Live and on-line training.  Credit accumulation gives you the opportunity to be awarded the ESPEN Diploma in Clinical Nutrition

The LLL Program in Nutrition and Metabolism is a global effort of ESPEN supported by EU to provide post-graduate qualification in Clinical Nutrition with the goal of improving daily practice. Each year the CNS partners with ESPEN to host a Live LLL Program during the CNS Annual Conference.  

  • Newfoundland 2014 - Nutrition in Gastrointestinal Disease - taught by Dr. Remy Meier (Switzerland) and Dr. Alastair Forbes (England).
  • Quebec City 2013 - Nutrition in the Perioperative Period - taught by Dr. Olle Ljunqvist (Sweden) and Dr. Alastair Forbes (England)


Click here for information on the third Annual CNS LLL Program taking place on May 7, 2016