Conference Abstract Award

The Conference Abstract Award is given for an abstract related to the 2023 CNS Thematic Conference field of Disordered Eating. This award will only be presented when there are relevant abstract(s) submitted for review.  

To be considered for this award, the applicant:

A committee, appointed by the CNS President and Awards Chair, will make the selection for the recipient of the Conference Award.  The Award will be presented at the CNS Annual Conference. The award package consists of a monetary award, and a framed certificate or plaque. Please see the conference program for details on award presentations and lectures.

Previous Award Winners

2022 - Tianna Rusnak, University of Alberta: Advances in Nutrition and Immune Function
2021 - Salma Mahmoodianfard, University of Ottawa: Advances and Controversies in Nutrition and Diabetes
2020 - Mojtaba Shafiee, University of Saskatchewan: Mental Health Across the Lifespan
2019 - Melissa Calleja, Brock University: Healthy Diets and Weight - Sorting out Fact from Fiction
2018 - Caroline Anderson, Mount Saint Vincent University: From Daily Living to High Performance Sport
2017 - Ashkan Hashemi, University of Toronto: Gut Health and the Microbiome
2016 - Stéphanie Bégin, Laval University: Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome

2015 - Samanah Farsijani, McGill University – Protein Nutrition Across the Lifespan
2014 - Yanan Wang, University of Manitoba - Carbohydrates and Fibre in Nutrition
2013 - Hubert Cormier, Université Laval - Dietary Fats and Nutrition



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