Mohammed Moghadasian Award

Student Research in the Application of Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease

The Mohammed Moghadasian Award of the Canadian Nutrition Society is given for the highest ranked abstract in the area of the application of nutrition in the treatment and/or prevention of cardiovascular disease.   

To be considered for this award, the applicant:

A committee, appointed by the CNS President and Awards Chair, will make the selection for the recipient of the Mohammed Moghadasian Award.  The Award will be presented at the CNS Annual Conference. The award package consists of a monetary award, and a framed certificate or plaque. Please see the conference program for details on award presentations and lectures.

Previous Award Winners  

2021 - Raniru Randunu, Memorial University
2020 - Paulina Aldana-Hernandez, University of Alberta
2019 - Beatriz Franco-Arellano, University of Toronto
2018 - Janie Allaire, Université Laval 
2017 - Paulina Aldana Hernandez, University of Alberta
2016 - Bénédicte Tremblay, Laval University
2015 - Yanan Wang, University of Manitoba
2014 - Isaac Streit, University of Waterloo

2013 - Dylan MacKay, University of Manitoba
2012 - Melissa Glier, University of British Columbia
2011 - L. Jane Patterson, University of Waterloo
2010 - JoAnne Arcand, University of Toronto



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