Earle Willard McHenry Award for Distinguished Service in Nutrition

This prestigious award is given annually in recognition of distinguished service in the field of nutrition by a Canadian or Canadian-based individual. The award is given for merit in teaching, in providing inspiration to students and colleagues, in providing leadership through professional associations resulting in significant progress in nutrition, in giving administrative or material support towards long-term development of outstanding nutritional or nutritionally-oriented programs, in research achievement which has led to service achievement, in stimulating the interest of students or in creating an atmosphere of public acceptance.

When submitting nominations, details of specific contributions made should be provided with the reasons for considering them to be particularly meritorious. Biographical material, although not essential in the assessment of merit, is helpful for arrangements to present the award.

The Award consists of a monetary award, a plaque, one complimentary registration to the CNS-SCN Annual Conference and two tickets to the Awards Banquet where the recipient will be honoured.

Nominations may be made by anyone. An anonymous committee, appointed by the Food for Health Foundation Board of Directors, will recommend the selected recipient of the Earle Willard McHenry Award. The Food for Health Foundation Board will make the final decision. The Award will be presented at the CNS-SCN Annual Conference.

Nominations are due February 1, 2017 and may be submitted by e-mail or in hard copy to:

Canadian Nutrition Society
1867 La Chapelle Street
Ottawa, ON K1C 6A8

E-mail: awards@cns-scn.ca

Award Winners
2016 Rhonda Bell, PhD, RD - University of Alberta

Past Winners

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2012 Susan Whiting
2011 Peter Jones 
2010 Mary L'Abbé
2009 Catherine Field
2008 Ron Ball
2007 Peter Fischer
2006 M.Tom Clandinin
2005 Stanley Zlotkin
2004 Paul B. Pencharz
2003 Margaret Cheney
2002 Sheila M. Innis
2001 Young Cho
2000 Bruce Holub
1999 David Jenkins
1998 Stephanie Atkinson
1997 David Yeung
1996 Rosalind Gibson
1995 Bruce E. McDonald
1994 Alex R. Robblee
1993 Joyce Beare-Rogers
1992 J. Milton Bell
1991 Paul-J. Lupien
1990 Ranjit Chandra
1989 G. Harvey Anderson
1988 T. Keith Murray
1987 Kenneth K. Carroll
1986 Beryl E. March
1985 Harold H. Draper
1984 George H. Beaton
1983 Stanley J. Slinger
1982 J. Alex Campbell
1981 Donald R. Clandinin
1980 W.W. Hawkins
1979 Jacob Biely
1978 L.B. Pett
1977 Otto Shaefer
1976 E. Gordon Young
1975 Robert H. Commons
1974 E.W. Crampton
2015 Susan Barr, PhD, RD
2014 Linda McCargar, PhD, RD
2013 Terrence Graham