Subjective Global Assessment

“Subjective Global Assessment is a simple bedside method of assessing the risk of malnutrition and identifying those who would benefit from nutritional support. Its validity for this purpose has been demonstrated in a variety of conditions including surgical patients, those with cancer, on renal dialysis and in the ICU.” Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy

This instructional Video for health professionals was updated in 2015. Order the Subjective Global Assessment Video directly from the Canadian Nutrition Society.

The Subjective Global Assessment Video is divided into two sections. Section 1 describes the SGA nutritional assessment technique. It explains how the medical history component and the physical assessment findings interrelate to generate a nutritional status classification. After explaining the basic principles, the Video follows a trained clinician conducting the SGA assessment technique on four different patients:

  • One severely malnourished patient – Subjective Global Assessment Classification C
  • Two patients who are mildly malnourished or suspected of malnutrition– Subjective Global Assessment Classification B
  • One nourished patient – Subjective Global Assessment Classification A

Section 2 of this Video presents 3 different patients for the viewer to test their ability to classify patients using the SGA nutritional assessment technique.