CNS is Celebrating 10 years!

Annual General Meeting

* With the recent cancelling of the CNS Annual Conference, the AGM will now take place virtually. A date and time will be set in the coming week.


Subject to Change

1.0 Call to Order - Dr. Guylaine Ferland

2.0 Approval of Minutes – May 4, 2019 AGM [A]  Dr. Guylaine Ferland

3.0 Treasurer's Report - Ms. Rupinder Dhaliwal

3.1 December 31, 2019 Audited Year-End Financial Statements
3.2 Appointment of Auditors for 2020

4.0 President's Report Dr. Guylaine Ferland

4.1 2019 Activities of the CNS Executive and Advisory Committee

5.0 CMTF Report - Dr. Leah Gramlich

6.0 Affirmation of Officers and Councillors Dr. Guylaine Ferland

7.0 New Business - Dr. Guylaine Ferland

8.0 Adjournment

Report Appended (*)

The above agenda is also available for downloading and printing in PDF format.

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