PhD Dissertation Award

for Outstanding Research Contributing to the Degree Of PhD

The PhD Dissertation Award is given for outstanding research in nutrition at the PhD level and considers scientific papers constituting a publication of thesis material as a component of the award. The award is limited to students (and supervisors) who are members of the Canadian Nutrition Society/Société canadienne de nutrition (for at least one year prior to receiving award) who have successfully defended their PhD thesis not more than 12 months prior to January 31 of the current year in which the award is being presented.

The nomination package should include the following:

(i) A letter from the PhD supervisor, or other supervisory committee member, describing the nature and significance of the work for which the nomination is submitted,

(ii) Curriculum vitae of the nominee including present position, education, 250 word abstract of the PhD research, bibliography of research papers, books, chapters in books and invited reviews emanating from the PhD research, and

(iii) Reprints of the nominee's most important publications.

A jury, selected by the President and Awards Chair, will select the recipient of the award. Persons willing to serve on the selection committee may contact the Chair. The recipient of the award will present a PhD Dissertation Award Lecture highlighting his/her research at the CNS-SCN Annual Conference and shall be entitled to a plaque and a complimentary ticket to the Awards Banquet. The nominator will be invited to introduce the recipient and the plaque will be presented at the lecture as well as at the CNS Awards Banquet.


Submissions may be submitted bye-mail or in hard copy and questions should be directed to Dr. Lindsay Robinson via the co-ordinates below.

Canadian Nutrition Society

1867 La Chapelle Street
Ottawa, ON K1C 6A8


Award Winners (1st awarded in 2008)
2017 Crystal Karakochuk, PhD - University of Toronto

Past Winners

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2016  Julie Mason-Ennis
2015 Teri Emrich, PhD
2014 Bibiana Garcia-Bailo
2013 Justine Tishinsky
2012 Rachel A Murphy
2011 R. Christopher K. Tomlinson
Title: Arginine synthesis in humans
2010 Julia Wong
Title: Colonic Fermentation, Equol Status and the Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Soy
2009 (Not awarded)
2008 Nick Bellissimo
Title: Environmental and Physiological Determinants of Food Intake Control in Children