CardioMetabolic Research Network (CMRN)

Who We Are?

The CardioMetabolic Research Network (CMRN) is an emerging, interdisciplinary group of researchers, clinicians and implementation specialists interested in improved prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions through diet and/or exercise.  This is a member-driven mutual support group.  We come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, and are interested in conducting clinical, community or health system research.  

About 20%  of Canadian adults are at high cardiometabolic risk, have pre-diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome. Most people are not treated until they have already developed clinical diseases and are never offered the structured lifestyle programs that can mitigate risk and decrease severity.  The pandemic has highlighted the importance of the interconnections between our public health, social and economic systems. In doing so, it has underscored the importance of a population health lens and evidence to support prevention services.   More implementation research is needed to ensure services will be effective, efficient, equitable and acceptable to Canadians.  

Goal of CMRN

The network goal is to improve the uptake of health system screening and structured health behaviour change to address prediabetes and metabolic syndrome in Canada, with  attention to:

  1. Creating opportunities for collaborators/decision makers that work in this area to share and review ongoing work across organizations and jurisdictions 
  2. Generating a forum for creating new collaborations and proposals for research
  3. Identifying possible funding opportunities across Canada and internationally

The CRMN was created in 2019 through the support of a Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) planning and meeting grant in 2019. Members currently join as individuals.  Work is underway to seek out additional partnerships.  Currently,  The Canadian Nutrition Society is providing in-kind support. A CNS membership is not a requirement to be a CMRN member, however it is strongly encouraged. CNS Members have access to a range of other benefits.

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