University Student Representative Initiative

The University Student Representative Initiative was founded in January 2012 by Dr Pauline Darling (former CNS-SCN Membership Chair), Dr Ashley Patterson (former CNS-SCN National Student Representative), and Shannan Grant (National University Liaison 2012-2014). The National University Liaison and the University Student Representative Initiative was developed to address the following gaps/ issues identified by the Membership Committee: 1. Membership/ Representation is low in Canada’s Maritime Provinces, 2. University Students are underrepresented nation-wide, 3. Develop new and student-relevant promotional materials. Two positions were developed under the University Student Representative Initiative: 1. University Student Representative, 2. University Faculty Mentor.

Ashley C. Patterson, PhD

Sr Scientist, Global Regulatory & Nutrition Science

Ashley completed her PhD in Physiology & Nutrition at the University of Waterloo and her BSc in Honours Biochemistry at Queen's University. From 2011 to 2013, Ashley served as the National Student Representative for the Canadian Nutrition Society. In this role, Ashley lead initiatives for Student/Trainee members and sat on the Advisory Council, Membership, and Conference Committees.

Ashley is currently a Senior Scientist with the Global Regulatory and Nutrition Science group at Mead Johnson Nutrition. Prior to this role, Ashley worked as an R&D Associate at the University of Waterloo and a Nutrition Science consultant with Global Research Solutions Inc. Ashley has subject-matter expertise in fatty acids, dietary assessment, nutrient biomarkers and infant nutrition.

Shannan Grant - National University Liaison

Shannan Grant is a Registered Dietitian and Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto. She is due to complete her PhD in Fall 2014. Shannan has been an active member in the CNS-SCN for many years, but most recently is known for her 2 year role as the CNS-SCN National University Liaison. As University Liaison, Shannan founded the University Student Representative Initiative in January 2012 with Dr Pauline Darling, (former Membership Chair) and Dr Ashley Patterson (former National Student Representative). This year, she, Harold Aukema (Membership Chair) and her other National Student Executive members have worked to expand this initiative and have successfully formed an active student network reach from coast to coast.