CNS-SCN Member of the Month – May 2016

Meet Laura Adam 


Laura Adam exemplifies excellence in academics, research, and translation of her research. Laura’s MSc thesis examines a novel counselling approach to provide lifestyle support for pregnant women in Edmonton, AB.

Laura completed her BSc in Nutrition and Food Sciences with a Nutrition major at the University of Alberta. After completing her dietetic internship, she started Masters in Human Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Alberta with Dr. Rhonda Bell. Here, she exemplifies leadership and strong organizational skills with balancing her roles as the project coordinator of her study, the study Registered Dietitian, and a Masters student.  Since beginning her Masters, Laura has received numerous awards for her academics and scholarship, including the CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship-Masters, two Queen Elizabeth II Graduate scholarships, the Hazel McIntyre Summer Research Award, as well as the Anthony Fellowship in Human Nutrition from the University of Alberta. She has shared her work at 3 local conferences and 3 national conferences.

As part of her project, Laura has had opportunities to collaborate with a research team in the UK. Through this, she went to the UK to observe and learn about a new model of counselling, called Healthy Conversation Skills. From this opportunity, she returned with excellent ideas for how to proceed with her project. With the skills she obtained, she has volunteered to deliver Healthy Conversation Skill workshops for student groups within medicine and public health.

In addition to her MSc project, Laura enjoys dedicating her time to teaching and mentoring students within science and nutrition related fields. Laura is currently an undergraduate student tutor, a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate nutrition course, and serves as the Nutrition representative on the Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program Committee. In the past, she has supervised a 4th year nutrition student group completing their capstone project, and has volunteered as a science judge at various conferences and science fairs.

Laura recently attended the annual Canadian Nutrition Society conference and shared her innovative ideas regarding study recruitment using Facebook. Her commitment to maternal nutrition research, and education of undergraduate students, highlights her dedication to furthering the nutrition field.