CNS is Celebrating 10 years!

Volunteer Leadership Award

This award is presented each year to a CNS member who has contributed significantly to CNS activities and its mission to promote the health of Canadians through nutrition. The recipient is chosen by the CNS President and is announced and presented during the virtual 2021 CNS Annual Awards ceremony. * NOTE: Due to the continued effect of COVID-19, the CNS 2021 Annual Conference will take place virtually. Details on format, including how award presentations and lectures will occur will be determined in the coming weeks. Please watch for updates.

Previous Award Winners

2020 - Wendy Ward, PhD - Brock University
2019 - Nick Bellissimo, PhD - Ryerson University
2018 - Alison Duncan, PhD, RD - University of Guelph
2017 - Robert Bertolo, PhD - Memorial University of Newfoundland
2016 - Angelo Tremblay, PhD – Laval University
2015 - Leah Gramlich, MD, FRCPC - Royal Alexandra Hospital & University of Alberta
2014 - Lindsay Robinson, PhD – University of Guelph
2013 - Pauline Darling, RD, PhD – University of Toronto
2012 - Janis Randall Simpson, RD, PhD – University of Guelph
2011 - David W.L. Ma, PhD – University of Guelph



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