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Videos provide a great platform to communicate nutrition and health concepts in a visual, interactive and creative way. They offer an excellent opportunity to share evidence-based information with healthcare professionals working with patients, as well as to communicate directly to the public (e.g. on social media). The development of videos is an excellent skill for students/trainees to develop to educate the public about nutrition research, its impact on public health and encourage better investigation of nutrition information in a scientific manner.
Why a protein foods video contest? 

The Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) has developed the 2021 CNS Protein Foods Video Contest in an effort to increase the knowledge and awareness of trainees, nutrition communicators, healthcare professionals and non-governmental organizations on the definition, types (e.g. animal and plant-based foods), and proportions of daily foods that contain protein and the sources of protein-rich foods. The competition challenges participants to create factual, evidenced-based videos that are visual and contain key messages that are simple to understand. To assist, a Protein Foods Resource Document has been created, along with three mini-resource documents targeting various audiences (i.e. Older Adults, Healthcare Professionals, and Teachers and Health Educators).

The competition launches on February 12, 2021 and submissions are due by March 22, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

Eligibility requirements:
How to participate:
Submission and review process:

A CNS expert review committee will carefully review and vote on the top three finalists depending on the number of submissions received.  All video submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Winning Submission Award Package:
Video Submission Checklist

Before you submit your video, please make sure you have carefully reviewed the checklist below.  These items are needed to support your video entry.  You will be able to return to the Video Management Tool multiple times to submit/edit your entry(ies) or to create additional ones. 

Please note, incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. 

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