PhD Dissertation Award

for Outstanding Research Contributing to the Degree Of PhD

The PhD Dissertation Award is given for outstanding research in nutrition at the PhD level and considers scientific papers constituting a publication of thesis material as a component of the award. The award is limited to students (and supervisors) who are members of the Canadian Nutrition Society/Société canadienne de nutrition (for at least one year prior to receiving award) who have successfully defended their PhD thesis not more than 15 months prior to January 31 of the current year in which the award is being presented.

The nomination package should include the following:

A jury, selected by the President and Awards Chair, will select the recipient of the award. Persons willing to serve on the selection committee may contact the Chair. The recipient of the award will present a PhD Dissertation Award Lecture during a CNS hosted webinar, and will receive a plaque, monetary award, and a complimentary ticket to the Awards Ceremony. The nominator will be invited to introduce the recipient and the plaque will be presented during the CNS-SCN Annual Conference. Please see the conference program for details on award presentations and lectures. 

Nominations are due January 31, 2024 - submitted via the Online Award Nomination tool.  Nominations now closed.


Previous Award Winners 

2024 - Kelsey Cochrane, PhD, RD - University of British Columbia
2023 - Didier Brassard, RD PhD - McGill University
2022 - Anne-Julie Tessier, RD, PhD - Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
2021 - Chelsia Gillis, RD, MSc, PhD - McGill University
2020 - Maude Perreault, PhD - McMaster University
2019 - Lisa Martin, PhD, RD - University of Alberta
2018 - Kathryn Hopperton, PhD - University of Toronto
2017 - Crystal Karakochuk, PhD - University of British Columbia
2016 - Julie Mason-Ennis, PhD - University of Toronto
2015 - Teri Emrich, PhD - University of Toronto
2014 - Bibiana Garcia-Bailo, PhD - University of Toronto
2013 - Justine Tishinsky, PhD - University of Guelph
2012 - Rachel A Murphy, PhD - University of Alberta

2011 - Christopher K. Tomlinson, PhD - University of Toronto
2010 - Julia Wong, PhD - University of Toronto
2009 - (Not awarded)
2008 - Nick Bellissimo, PhD, University of Toronto



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