Young Investigator Award for Outstanding Research

This annual award is made available to an individual who received their last academic degree not more than 15 years before the nomination deadline for the year in which the award is to be offered, and who has made an outstanding contribution to research in nutrition within the preceding five years.

In submitting your nomination, the following information should be provided: curriculum vitae of the nominee including academic record (degrees, majors, institutions and dates), current official title and address, brief summary of professional record, bibliography of papers published or "accepted for publication" during the past 15 years, reprints of the nominee's most important publications, titles or abstracts of papers presented at scientific conferences. A letter in support of the nominee pointing out the nature and significance of the work for which the nomination is submitted is an important component of the package.

The award consists of complimentary registration at the CNS-SCN Annual Conference and Awards Banquet, presentation of a plenary lecture at the CNS-SCN Annual Conference by the recipient, a certificate, plaque or other recognition, and monetary award towards travel and accommodation.

Nominations may be made by anyone. An anonymous committee, appointed by the Food for Health Foundation Board of Directors, will recommend the selected recipient of the Young Investigator Award. The Foundation Board will make the final decision. The award will be presented to the recipient at the CNS-SCN Annual Conference.

Nominations are due February 1, 2017 and may be submitted by e-mail or in hard copy to:

Canadian Nutrition Society
1867 La Chapelle Street
Ottawa, ON K1C 6A8


Award Winners
2016 Richard Bazinet, PhD - University of Toronto

Past Winners

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2015 Spencer Proctor, PhD
2014 Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD
2013 Noreen Willows
2012 Raylene A. Reimer
2011 Benoît Lamarche
2010 Hope Weiler
2009 James House
2008 Mohammed Moghadasian
2007 Linda Wykes
2006 Harol Haukema
2005 Carla Taylor
2004 Hélène Payette
2003 Mary-Ellen Harper
2002 Linda McCargar
2001 Mary L'Abbé
2000 (not awarded)
1999 Robert Ross
1998 Vickie Baracos
1997 Peter Jones
1996 Ranjana P. Bird
1995 Stephen Cunnane
1994 Ron Ball
1993 Sheila M. Innis
1992 Stanley H. Zlotkin
1991 Emile Levy
1990 Gene R. Herzberg
1989 Simon N. Young
1988 M. Tom Clandinin
1987 Paul B. Pencharz
1986 John T. Brosnan
1985 Larry P. Milligan
1984 Tapan K. Basu
1983 David J. Jenkins
1982 Bruce Holub
1981 (not awarded)
1980 (not awarded)
1979 Ranjit Chandra
1978 G.H. Anderson
1977 Henry S. Bayley
1976 Brian L. Walker
1975 K.N. Jeejeebhoy
1974 K.J. Jenkins
1973 K. Dakshinamurti
1972 J. Beare-Rogers
1971 W.E.J. Philipps
1970 Ruth Renner
1969 Charles R. Scriver
1968 George H. Beaton
1967 Serge Renaud
1966 John P. Bowland
1965 William Cochrane
1964 Wallace J. Pigden
1963 Alex B. Morrison
1962 J. Milton Bell
1961 Donald Fraser
1960 Ian R. Sibbald