A Protein-Based Approach to Optimizing Adaptations to Exercise

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Athletes often perceive their protein 'requirements' to be higher and recommendations have been made to increase protein intake. In this presentation, I will review the evidence that supports a greater protein intake to aid in optimizing adaptation to exercise. Both endurance and resistance athletes can, it will be argued, benefit from higher than recommended protein intakes. I will also explore the role of protein quality and protein timing in terms of stimulating an adaptive advantage to exercise training.

Professor Stuart M. Phillips Ph.D., FACSM, FACN
Department of Kinesiology, McMaster University, CANADA
Exercise Metabolism Research Group – Protein Metabolism Research Lab
Physical Activity Centre for Excellence (PACE) Researcher

*** Original Source: CNS Regional Conference - Advances in Protein Nutrition Across the Lifespan - January 10, 2015

Length: 31:44

Type: Video

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

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A Protein-Based Approach to Optimizing Adaptations to Exercise Video
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