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Academic Poster Design: Tips and tricks to stand out


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Duncan McHugh, Bohdan Luhovyy


Speakers: Duncan McHugh and Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy

Do you want your poster to shine at the CNS Annual Conference? Tune into this webinar, hosted by the CNS Trainee Leadership Committee. Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy will share advice on the most important things to include in your poster, and provide tips on what helps trainees stand out during networking (and judging!) times. Duncan McHugh will provide a design perspective, speaking to poster elements such as font and colours, white space, and graphics/photos. You'll be learning from the experts!

Learning Objectives:

Following this presentation, participants should be able to:

  1. Incorporate basic design principles to construct visually-appealing posters
  2. Develop a suitable colour palette and a typographical plan for their document
  3. Demonstrate a working understanding of copyright concerns with regards to image and graphics sourcing, and ways to find open and Creative Commons materials
  4. Incorporate the essential elements of the research poster and gain insight into optimal data presentation
  5. Appreciate posters from the view of peers and reviewers

About the Speakers

Duncan McHugh is the Digital & Instructional Media Producer in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia. He supports the creation of video, audio, photography, graphic design, digital storytelling and web design. He is passionate about empowering students and others to create, and provides numerous digital media-related workshops to faculty, staff and students. He also co-teaches LFS 400: Audio Storytelling, a course in which students learn how to make podcasts.
Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy is Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Human Nutrition of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His research is focused on the development of functional food products and ingredients, and their evaluation on satiety and blood glucose control. He organized many student competitions in food product development and served as a judge for poster and oral competitions. Bohdan is a member of CNS since 2010
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