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CNS 2018: Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Address


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Jim House, Bohdan Luhovyy

Welcoming Remarks Speakers:

Keynote Address Speaker: Eric Fisher (Founder and CEO, LabFundr)

Bringing More People To The Table - Can Crowdfunding Increase The Public's Appetite For Research?

Crowdfunding is defined as raising small amounts of money from many individuals to help achieve a goal. The process has helped kick-start everything from film projects, to board games, to, believe it or not, a potato salad. Crowdfunding is now emerging as way to fund research, engage communities and carry out knowledge translation. Researchers around the world, from a smorgasbord of fields, are sharing their stories and communities are directly supporting research that matters to them. Find out how crowdfunding works, ingredients of a successful campaign, and how it fits within the existing funding and science communication ecosystem.

***Original Source: "2018 Annual Conference", Thursday, May 3, 2018

Length: 59:05

Type: Video

Last Updated: June 21, 2018

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CNS 2018: Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Address Video
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