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CPPENA: Home Nutrition for the Holidays

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Jennifer Anderson, Erin Guevarra



Jennifer (Jenn) Anderson, BScN, RN - HNSP RAH Community Services Center

Erin Guevarra BSc., RD – Northern Alberta Home Enteral Nutrition Program

Kathryn Clarke


This webinar will delve into the unique challenges and practical strategies for individuals on home enteral (EN) or parenteral (PN) support during the holiday season. Recognizing that holidays can be a particularly challenging time for home EN and PN patients and their caregivers, our speakers, including Jennifer Anderson, BScN, RN, and Erin Guevarra, RD, will provide valuable insights on navigating festive occasions. Chaired by Leah Gramlich, MD, the webinar will conclude in an open discussion covering various aspects of holiday home nutrition.

Moderator:  Leah Gramlich  MD, FRCP, University of Alberta

The opinions expressed by the participants at this session reflect personal experiences and are meant for sharing and to stimulate interactive discussions. As such some of these may not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Canadian Nutrition Society or CPPENA. This information does not replace guidance from your healthcare provider.  

About the Speakers:   

Jennifer (Jenn) Anderson, BScN, RN -Jennifer (Jenn) Anderson has been a nurse with Alberta Health Services for 21 years. Her career started in in-patient trauma at the University of Alberta Hospital where she learned to become a “jack of all trades” in nursing. She continued her surgical nursing career both at the bedside and in outpatient clinics. She has been with the adult Home Nutrition Support Program for the last 6 years, and is passionate about helping her patients succeed and be autonomous with their enteral nutrition at home.


Erin Guevarra BSc., RD - is a born and raised Alberta, and has been a dietitian for over 10 years in a number of different areas but found her love of home nutrition support early on and landed her permanent dream job in the fall of 2019. Erin is passionate about supporting patients and their families, caregivers, and support persons and approaching care with a holistic and patient-centered focus. In her spare time she likes to cuddle her two cats and try to keep up with her three year old daughter. 

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