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Evolving concepts in nutrition care in hospitalized patients

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Nicolaas Deutz

The Nourish Study

Dr. Deutz will present the results of the Nourish study, published in Clinical Nutrition 2016; 35 (1): 18-26. Of the largest studies, testing the possible benefits of a specialized Oral Nutritional Supplement (high protein and HMB; HP-HMB) when given during and up to 90 days after discharge to malnourished patients admitted to the hospital with COPD, AMI, CHF and Pneumonia. We did not find an effect of the HP-HMB intervention for the primary composite endpoint of non-elective readmission or death at 90 days. However, we found that the early administration (within 72 hours of hospitalization) of HP-HMB in addition to the current nutritional care is associated with decreased post-discharge mortality, improved nutritional status, weight gain and nutrient intake without reducing regular food intake (observed in a subgroup of patients) and improved hand grip strength that was associated with nutritional status.

***Original Source: "2017 Annual Conference", Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Last Updated: June 26, 2017

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Evolving concepts in nutrition care in hospitalized patients Video
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