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Improving Perioperative Nutrition and Surgical outcomes in children through ERAS


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Mary Brindle, Justine Laurie, Julia Sagaria



Mary Brindle, MD, MPH (University of Calgary)
Justine Laurie, inf BSc (McGill University Health Centre)
Julia Sagaria, P.Dt. (Montreal Children's Hospital).


Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols aim to improve patients’ overall surgical experience and optimize patient outcomes. Although significant advances have been made in adult surgical care, this concept is relatively new to pediatric surgery. Canadian teams have played an important role in developing ERAS programs and pediatric ERAS. Alberta has established the earliest provincial strategy for ERAS while Quebec is a pioneer in Pediatric ERAS and has established a provincial implementation process for broad adoption.
Moderator: Mei Tom, MSc, RD (UAlberta)


Mary Brindle is a pediatric surgeon at Alberta Children’s Hospital and Professor of Surgery and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary, Canada holding the MacNeill Chair of Pediatric Surgical Research. She is Director of the Safe Surgery Safe Systems Program at Ariadne Labs, TH Chan Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Director of the W21C in the O’Brien Institute at the University of Calgary. She received her BA in Art from Yale University and her MD from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. She completed her general surgery residency at UBC in Vancouver and her pediatric surgery fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. After starting her job as a pediatric surgeon in Calgary, she completed her MPH at Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Brindle Co-Chairs the ERAS Guidelines Committee and leads international work to develop tools and strategies to improve surgical team performance in the US, Canada and overseas. Twitter @MaryEBrindle

Justine Laurie has been a pediatric nurse at the Montreal Children's Hospital for over 6 years, where she began her career on the surgical unit. Working full-time during COVID, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St-Francis Xavier University. She has always been passionate about pediatric surgery and leadership, which led her to work as an assistant head nurse on the surgical unit and finally as the ERAS nurse coordinator.

Julia Sagaria is a Pediatric Nutritionist at the Montreal Children's Hospital. She completed her dietetics degree at the School of Human Nutrition at McGill University in 2018 and has been working at the Children's Hospital since. Throughout the years, she has gained experience working in both the Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where she has acquired an expertise in enteral and parenteral nutrition. More recently, she has been working in the department of Pediatric Surgery, where she has been collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team to develop and implement nutritional protocols related to ERAS.

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