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Malnutrition in the community: current practice and a way forward

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Heather Keller, PhD, RD, Professor, University of Waterloo;

Leslie Whittington-Carter, MHS, RD, Public Affairs Manager, Dietitians of Canada

Recognizing that hospital malnutrition often begins in the community, CMTF will be hosting a week of seminars focused on moving practice forward with respect to nutrition care, and specifically the prevention and detection of malnutrition in the community setting. This first webinar will review literature on malnutrition prevalence as well as gaps in care. Models of nutrition care and screening examined in the literature will be presented. This webinar will also seek your input through a discussion on how all regions in Canada can move forward with preventing and detecting malnutrition in primary care settings.


  1. Describe the gaps in current community nutrition care and dietetic service across Canada.
  2. Summarize effective models of care that have been evaluated in peer reviewed literature.
  3. Reflect on how gaps in care can be addressed with current and evolving models of community nutrition care

About the Speakers
Heather Keller
is the Schlegel Research Chair in Nutrition & Aging at the University of Waterloo. Research programs cross the continuum of care and are focused on improving the nutritional status and food intake of older adults. Her acute care program of research is focused on improving food quality and nutrition care processes to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition. Current projects include phase two of More-2-Eat and the Hospital Patient Food Satisfaction study. Research in residential and long term care is focused on improving the nutritional and sensory quality of food, as well as enhancing the mealtime experience for residents, family members and staff. Community based research includes nutrition care processes and improving food intake of vulnerable older adults including those living with the dementia and/or frailty. Professor Keller has led several national research and knowledge translation projects, including the landmark Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospitals, More-2-Eat and Making the Most of Mealtimes in Long Term Care studies. Professor Keller has published widely and translates research into practice with practitioner tools and resources. As a founding member and past chair/co-chair (2009-2018) of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force, she is involved in translating research into practice and advocating for improvements in nutrition care.

Leslie Whittington-Carter monitors policy, legislation, and regulations that impact the profession, and raises awareness of the value of food, nutrition, and dietitians to elected officials and other decision-makers. She supports DC staff and members in their advocacy initiatives. Leslie is a graduate of the University of Guelph and Athabasca University, and has had a varied career including working in long term care, government, and education. She has co-authored several Dietitians of Canada papers at the provincial and national level. In addition to work with DC, Leslie teaches in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Brescia University College, and is the author of Fingertip Files for Dietitians, a resource used by LTC professionals across Canada.

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Malnutrition in the community: current practice and a way forward Video
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