Navigating the Publication Process

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Scott Harding, PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Wondering where to submit your most recent manuscript? Not sure if you should make all the changes the peer reviewers requested? Why is it taking so long to get a decision on my submission? These and other commonly asked questions for those new to publishing in peer-reviewed nutrition journals will be addressed in this webinar. The focus of this webinar is to offer some helpful hints and resources for those currently “navigating the publication process" with a particular focus on nutritional science and dietetics research. While the target audience is trainees and early career investigators it would be great to have a few seasoned veterans join in and offer their own wisdom and tips for the publishing process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Improve understanding of the process a manuscript undertakes while going through the peer-review publication process
  2. Understand the importance of selecting the appropriate journal when submitting your research for publications.
  3. Understand the new and emerging technologies and features that are becoming part of publishing a manuscript.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Scott Harding is an Assistant professor in Nutritional Biochemistry at Memorial University. His research program focuses on understanding the role that diet and lifestyle play in the development and prevention of chronic disease risk factors. His current interests are in how dietary marine source omega-3 fats are handled at different stages of in the life cycle in mammals, how fructose metabolism is impacted by changes in energy balance and the role of sleep in energy balance and food choices. Dr. Harding completed his PhD in Human Nutrition at McGill University and postdoctoral training at the University of Manitoba and Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada. He has held academic staff positions at King's College London (UK) and Memorial University.

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