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Sodium Part 2 - Industry progress of voluntary sodium reduction in Canada


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Charmaine Kuran


Speaker: Charmaine Kuran, BSc, MBA

In 2016, the Minister of Health announced a Healthy Eating Strategy that included commitments to improve the food supply through eliminating industrially produced trans fats and reducing sodium. The presentation will provide highlights of progress made by the Canadian food industry in voluntarily reducing the level of sodium in prepackaged foods towards the 2016 benchmark targets, as well as an overview of future work on sodium reduction in both prepackaged foods, and those consumed at restaurants and foodservice establishments.

About the Speaker:

Charmaine Kuran, BSc, MBA
Charmaine Kuran has a BSc in Food Science from McGill University and an MBA from Concordia University. Charmaine Kuran is a Section Head in the Nutrition Regulations and Standards Division in the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences in the Food Directorate at Health Canada. Prior to starting at Health Canada in 2009, Charmaine was the National manager for Nutrition and Health Claims in the Consumer Protection Division at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Charmaine's current files include the recent updates to the nutrition labelling regulations, which include improving the legibility of the list of ingredients on food packages, work on front of pack nutrition labelling and sodium reduction in the Canadian food supply. Charmaine has participated in various working groups including as a member of the Sodium Working Group from 2007-2010, the Pan American Health Organization on Salt Smart Americas (Review of Methods to Determine the Main Sources of Sodium, A Guide for Setting Targets and Timelines to Reduce the Salt Content of Food). She is currently a member of the Scientific Committee of Laval University's Observatoire québécois de la qualité nutritionnelle de l'offre alimentaire.

** Original Source: "CNS Education Webinars" Wednesday, January 17, 2017

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