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Teaching Large Classes: You teach how many students?! In what room?!


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Amy Todd


Amy Todd, PhD

The size of a classroom and the number of learners that constitute a 'large class' differ from institution to institution and from discipline to discipline. A 'large' introductory psychology course may look very different from a 'large' introductory nursing class. With consideration for some of these nuances, this session will attempt to introduce key challenges, considerations and opportunities when teaching large classes. From the use of interactive educational technologies to providing opportunities for meaningful peer teaching, this session will hopefully inspire you to seek out opportunities to teach a large class (maybe….just once).

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About the Speaker
Dr. Amy Todd is an Educational Developer at the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL), Memorial University of Newfoundland. In this role, she works with academic units and educators to enhance teaching and learning through curriculum development, collaborative research projects, evidence-based professional development experiences, educational resource development, and the thoughtful integration of educational technologies. Amy's professional interests include the integration of metacognitive instruction, the use of critical pedagogies to enhance accessibility, equity and inclusion, and the building of community in the context of teaching and learning. With a background in molecular biology, Amy continues to lecture in the Department of Biochemistry, where she is able to combine her love of science with her passion for teaching.

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Teaching Large Classes: You teach how many students?! In what room?! Video
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