Visual storytelling – Visual storytelling – Learning how to create an effective Infographic (Part 2 of 2)

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Speaker: Kaitlin Roke, PhD

Part 2 of 2: Building on the foundation provided in the Part 1 Infographics webinar, this one-hour session will demonstrate each step of the Infographic development process. Participants can attempt to develop their own infographic simultaneously, or watch one be developed by the presenter during real time.

About the Speaker:

Kaitlin Roke, PhD

Dr. Roke is the Associate, Nutrition and Scientific Communications at the Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI). Dr. Roke completed a PhD and MSc (Nutrition and Genetics) at the University of Guelph, Canada and a BSc (Human Kinetics, minor in Psychology) also at the University of Guelph, Canada. Research projects focused on omega-3 fatty acids, and examined the role of personalized nutrition and genetic variations related to omega-3 intake, as well as awareness of omega-3 fats and health. Dr. Roke completed a 1.5-year post-doctoral fellowship at Weight Watchers International, New York, United States, working on scientific communication to members and staff, scientific evaluation as part of the business development team, and research on weight management and health. Dr. Roke has experience in infographic creation, which started with the creation of four Infographics for the Canadian Nutrition Society as a summary of their thematic conferences. Dr. Roke has subsequently mentored two graduate students to create Infographics on subsequent thematic conferences. Additionally, Dr. Roke has worked with the Nova Scotia Dietetics Association through a mentorship initiative and the Lifestyle Genomics Journal.

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Visual storytelling – Visual storytelling – Learning how to create an effective Infographic (Part 2 of 2) Video
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