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Webinar Sept 2018 - Malnutrition as a phenotype vs Malnutrition due to insufficient intake

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Speakers: Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy, Manon Laporte P.Dt, MSc, CNSC and Dr. Donald Duerksen

Loss of body tissues resulting in wasting is a common phenotype for several different conditions which can be caused by a combination of reduced food intake, excessive requirements, altered metabolism, sepsis, trauma, ageing and inactivity. They have been referred to loosely as “malnutrition" but not all will respond to simply providing nutrients. This webinar will provide a review of phenotypes: Malnutrition, Cachexia and Sarcopenia, their common features and the differences as they relate to cause and response to treatment.

At the end of this webinar, the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the key concept that is fundamental in the diagnosis of malnutrition
  2. Make a distinction between malnutrition and the wasting conditions cachexia and sarcopenia.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy

Manon Laporte RD MSc CNSC
Manon Laporte graduated from Université Laval in Québec and after 7 years of practice, completed a Master in Sciences at Université de Moncton, New Brunswick (NB). She is certified in nutrition support (A.S.P.E.N) and address on a daily basis the issue of malnutrition in hospitalized patients at Vitalité Health Network, NB. She is also consultant for the NB Provincial Drugs & Therapeutics Committee (parenteral nutrition). In the past 20 years, Manon has been involved in different research projects and publications related to nutrition screening and malnutrition and speaker on these topics. Manon is member of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF) since its early stage. Among the others, she was the site investigator for the Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospital Study for two hospitals in NB and conducted the study on the validation and reliability assessment of the Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool. Manon was also involved in the development of the CMTF SGA education package.

Dr. Donald Duerksen
Dr Duerksen is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Manitoba in the section of Gastroenterology. He is also the Medical Director of the Manitoba Home Nutrition Program and Medical Advisor for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Department of Nutrition. He is one of the founding members of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force. His research interests include malnutrition in hospitalized patients, complications of TPN and enteral nutrition, and celiac disease. He has been active in teaching nutrition assessment to physicians, dietitians, dietetic interns, and medical students.

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