CardioMetabolic Research Network (CMRN) Membership Benefits

Membership in CRMN is free. Consider becoming a member of this network if you are interested in:

Network Scientific Lead

Paula Brauer, PhD, RD, FDC | Professor Emerita
Family Relations and Applied Nutrition | University of Guelph
MINS B13 | 50 Stone Rd E | Guelph, ON | N1G 2W1

Network Scientific Lead

Sophie Desroches
Professor, School of Nutrition
Researcher, Centre NUTRISS, INAF
Université Laval

Network Project Lead

Rupinder Dhaliwal, RD, FDC
Canadian Malnutrition Task Force-Canadian Nutrition Society /


A CNS membership is not a requirement to be a CMRN member, however it is strongly encouraged. CNS Members have access to a range of other benefits

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