CNS Trainee Mentorship Program

Launching in the Fall of 2019!

The CNS Trainee Mentorship Program provides an organized structure for mentees and mentors to connect and discuss issues related to career paths, graduate school, work-life balance, leadership and other topics of interest.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are matched with mentors based on their career aspirations and goals for participation in the program. Mentees and Mentors will be encouraged to connect via email, phone, online, and/or in-person a minimum of three times during the school year. This is a mentee-driven program and, as such, each mentee is responsible for initiating and maintaining interactions with their assigned mentor.

Why Become A CNS Mentor?

Mentors are valuable in providing knowledge and advice to trainees through their professional and personal life experiences and exert a positive influence on the careers of young professionals.

If you are a CNS member that works in academia, industry or government and would like to pass on knowledge and experience from your field, consider becoming a CNS mentor to a trainee!


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Why Become A CNS Mentee?

Mentor relationships can help students and young professionals learn from their mentor’s experiences, skills, leadership and knowledge. Mentees can also benefit from practical guidance, support and encouragement and be able to identify professional goals and establish a sense of direction. The Trainee Mentorship Program also offers an excellent opportunity to mentees to access broader, novel and diverse viewpoints, which could help them to expand their career horizons.

If you are a CNS member, a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, and interested in networking and being mentored by a senior member of CNS, consider signing up for the CNS Trainee Mentorship Program!


Coming soon! In the meantime, email your interest to

Contact for more information on the CNS Trainee Mentorship Program.

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