The Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) is committed to advancing equity, justice, belongingness, and inclusion with clearly defined strategies for meaningful action and to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all members. CNS is also committed to supporting the Canadian nutrition community in engaging in research and practice that effectively engages with and addresses structural determinants and nutrition inequities. 

To inform our actions in these areas, CNS recently sought feedback from members. Based on the feedback and recommendations we received, one of the actions that we are undertaking is the delivery of three-part Professional Development Series to Support Equity within Nutrition.

Objectives of the Workshop series: 
  1. Examine and discuss terminology, definitions and principles related to equity, justice, belongingness, inclusion, and anti-racism
  2. Increase competency and self-efficacy in integrating principles related to equity, justice, belongingness, inclusion, and anti-racism into one’s own practice and research
  3. Learn about structural factors that underpin nutrition inequities, and identify and learn how to address racism and other forms of discrimination within the food system, the field of nutrition, and nutritional practice and research
  4. Identify areas for professional development to support equity and justice within the field of nutrition, nutrition practice and research


Fat at the Intersections: Exploring weight bias in relation with other lived experiences


COMPLETED WORKSHOP 1 - January 14, 2022
From Bias to Belonging: Moving Beyond Buzzwords to Advance Equity and Justice in the Context of Nutrition

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COMPLETED WORKSHOP 2 - March 2, 2022
Considering and addressing structural oppression within the food system and the field of nutrition

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The CNS annual conference will provide additional opportunities to learn about and engage in discussion about advancing equity, justice, belongingness, and inclusion in nutrition research and practice.

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