Malnutrition Screening, Assessment and Treatment 101

Pathways, guidance, nutrition treatment - beyond the basics

Speakers:  Marg Alfieri and Lorraine Teasdale  / Moderator:  Marlis Atkins

Session Description:

This session will be a hands-on demonstration of how to conduct a clinical nutrition assessment for malnutrition, create  and implement an individualized care plan, and how to assess efficacy of care plan via scheduled follow up appointments. This one-hour session will use all the tools in the tool box which will increase both your comfort and competency in providing medical nutrition therapy for malnutrition.

Speaker Bios:

Marg Alfieri, RD, FDC is a Primary Care Dietitian at the Centre for Family Medicine and is the President of Primary Care Dietitians’ Association. She is co-chair of Primary Care Working Group for the Canadian Malnutrition TaskForce.


Lorraine Teasdale, PDt,CDE is a clinical and primary care dietitian with Nova Scotia Health and a member of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force representing the province of Nova Scotia. She has a keen interest in prevention and treatment of malnutrition from both an inpatient and primary care lens. 








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