CNS Fellowship

The Canadian Nutrition Society & Nestlé Health Science Canada for a Physician Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition

The Fellowship is fully sponsored by Nestlé Health Science Canada and administered by CNS and will consist of salary support for the awardee in the amount of $55,000 for a term of one year, said amount to be payable in equal installments of $27,500 in July 2013 and January 2014. The Physician Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition will be held at the University of Alberta and/or the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, AB.

Award Winners
2014/2015 Dr. Liisa Meddings

Past Winners

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  1. Eligibility will normally be limited to postgraduate fellows who have completed at least two years of medical graduate studies related to gastroenterology, nutrition, endocrinology, surgery and critical care and who has a license in Canada.
  2. The training must combine at least 50-75% clinical training and 50-25% research and must be undertaken at the University of Alberta.
  3. The Society may refrain from awarding the Fellowship in any year when no applicant of a deserving quality is submitted. Under such circumstances the Fellowship may be deferred to the next year.


  1. The Awards Chair shall publicize the terms of the award including deadlines to all members of the CNS. Nestlé Health Science Canada shall be mentioned as a funding partner in all advertising of the award.
  2. The application package shall include a complete curriculum vitae (including training and research records), a personal statement outlining career goals as it relates to nutrition, and a description of their proposed research. All applications should be submitted to CNS (as indicated in the call for applications) and forwarded to the Awards Chair.
  3. CNS, through the Awards committee and its chair, will review all applications considering three key criteria: quality of the candidate, evaluation of personal statement, and quality of proposed research. The evaluation committee, appointed by the Awards chair, will normally comprise of at least three CNS members including two not based at University of Alberta (at least one MD) plus at least one MD based at University of Alberta who will likely be involved in the training. The Awards Chair shall adjudicate the process.
  4. The Awards Chair shall inform the Executive of CNS, Nestlé Health Science Canada as well as the recipient immediately.
  5. Presentation of the Fellowship shall be made at the Society's Annual Banquet and the Annual Conference of the CNS.
  6. Fellowship winners will be asked to provide an update of the research and a summary of disposition of funds after 1 year from the date of the grant. The recipient will also be asked to present their results at a future Annual Conference of the CNS.