Christine Gagnon Memorial Travel Award

Christine Gagnon Memorial Travel Award / Nestlé Nutrition Graduate Student Award – Finalist

The Christine Gagnon Memorial Travel Award will be given for excellence in nutritional sciences research and reporting.  Only full time graduate students specializing in some aspect of nutrition are eligible, and both the student and his/her supervisor/sponsor must be members in good standing of the CNS in the year in which s/he is nominated.  Students may not have won a national or international competition in the past, and must not submit the same work for another major competition.

Trainees must indicate if they would like their abstract to be considered for the Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award (supported by Nestlé) and/or the CNS Poster Competition at the time of the abstract submission. They will present their work either as an oral presentation or poster presentation at the annual conference.

A committee, appointed by the President and Awards Chair, will make the selection for the recipient of the Christine Gagnon Memorial Travel Award / Nestlé Nutrition Graduate Student Award.

The Award is presented at the CNS-SCN Annual Conference.

Award Winners
  • Hubert Cormier, University of Laval
  • Kathryn Hopperton, University of Toronto
  • Kabo Masisi, University of Manitoba
  • Kosar Omidian, University of Saskatchewan
  • Hossein Rafiei, University of Saskatchewan
  • Benedicte Tremblay, University of Laval
  • Marc-Olivier Trepanier, University of Toronto
  • Christopher Villa, University of Toronto

Past Winners

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  • Danyelle Liddle
  • Raphael Chouinard-Watkins
  • Mohammad Abdullah
  • Hubert Cormier
  • Jutika Datar
  • Sarah Dainty
  • Lena Hong
  • Yanan Wang
  • Hubert Cormier
  • Anna DeBoer
  • Erin Lewis
  • Jason Robinson
  • Linda Siemens
  • Isaac T. Streit
  • Rebecca Theal
  • Yanan Wang
  • Kathryn Adel, Laval University
  • Hubert Cormier, Laval University
  • Anna DeBoer, University of Guelph
  • Teri Emrich, University of Toronto
  • Marie-Eve Labonte, Laval University
  • Sandra Castillo San Juan, University of Manitoba
  • Stephanie Schwindt, University of Alberta
  • Trina Stephens, University of British Columbia
  • Diana Sanchez-Hernandez
  • Stephanie P. B. Caligiuri
  • Véronique Gingras
  • Nancy N. Kang
  • Brian T. Wu
  • Mahsa Jessri
  • Sina Gallo
  • Chelsia Gillis
  • Melinda Mintarno
  • Sahar Tamadon-nejad
  • Sylvia H. Ley
  • Jennifer E. Lambert
  • Carla Rodriguez Dimitrescu
  • Mira B. MacLennan
  • Sarah Finch
  • Teri E. Emrich
  • Adrienne D. Danyliw
  • Maira Quintanilha
  • Jing Qiao
  • JoAnne Arcand
  • Xiaoran Liu
  • Jennifer E. Lambert
  • Rachel A. Murphy
  • Carole Thompson
  • Susan Tran
  • Elizabeth Novak
  • Bodil Larsen
  • Rachel Murphy
  • Sarah Finch
  • Kanta Chechi
  • Matthew Parrott
  • Laura Forbes
  • Jasdeep Saggar,
  • Justine Tishinsky
  • Agnes Gozdzik,
  • Alireza Jahan-mihan,
  • Yong Jia,
  • Sean Mark
  • Beatrice Lau
  • Semone Myrie