Nestlé Nutrition Graduate Student Award

Graduate students and other trainees are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration in the Nestlé Nutrition Student and Trainee Competition. This competition will be part of the Canadian Nutrition Society/Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) Annual Conference. In order to be eligible for consideration, competitors must be a graduate student, post-degree dietetic intern, or medical resident; individuals already holding a PhD degree are NOT eligible. Students and trainees must register for the conference as a trainee and provide evidence for their trainee status as per conference guidelines. Students/trainees and their supervisors must both be CNS/SCN members in good standing. Those who are not already members must also submit an application with the necessary supporting documentation to CNS/SCN by the abstract deadline date. Students/trainees should not have won a national or international competition in the past, and must not submit the same work for another major competition. By entering the competition, students/trainees are signifying that they are aware of the requirements and deadlines and will work to meet them in a professional manner.

A maximum of eight (8) students/trainees will be selected, from the abstracts received, to participate in the Nestlé Nutrition Student and Trainee Oral Competition. Each of the eight students/trainees will receive the Christine Gagnon Travel Award and they will compete for one of three prizes, sponsored by Nestlé Nutrition. Please click here for more information on our Call for Abstracts.

Award Winners



1st Kathryn Jacob
2nd Pascale Grégoire-Pelchat
3rd Marnie Newell

Past Winners

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  • Kathryn Hopperton (1st)
  • Bénédicte Tremblay (2nd)
  • Kosar Omidian (3rd)
  • Danyelle Liddle (1st)
  • Raphael Chouinard-Watkins (2nd)
  • Mohammad Abdullah (3rd)
  • Erin Lewis (1st)
  • Rebecca Theal (2nd)
  • Anna A. DeBoer (3rd)
  • Trina Stephens (1st)
  • Teri Emrich (2nd)
  • Anna De Boer (3rd)
  • Sina Gallo (1st)
  • Stephanie Caligiuri (2nd)
  • Brian Wu (3rd)
  • Mira B. MacLennan (1st)
  • Carla Rodriguez Dimitrescu (2nd)
  • Melinda Mintarno (3rd)
  • JoAnne Arcand (1st)
  • Rachel Murphy (2nd)
  • Adrienne Danyliw (3rd)
  • Bodil Larsen (1st)
  • Rachel Murphy (2nd)
  • Elizabeth Novak (3rd)
  • Jasdeep Saggar (1st)
  • Beatrice Lau (2nd)
  • Justine Tishinsky (3rd)