CPPENA Presents: Home (Nutrition) for the Holidays


Celebrating Shared Experiences and Practices to Enhance the Holiday Season for Patients and their Loved Ones

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm ET

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This program will provide insights from patients on Home Enteral and Home Parenteral Nutrition about how they cope with the challenges and opportunities of the Holiday season. Dietitians will also provide tips on how to celebrate with a focus on what to embrace and what to avoid. There will be time for discussion and questions welcoming a dialogue from all participants.

It is the first of our future short 1 hour programs which will be offered quarterly to the CPPENA members on topics of interest to them.

Moderated by: Leah Gramlich, MD, FRCPC – Leah is a physician in the NAHPN program

About the Speakers:

Kathleen Gagnon – Kathleen is a certified trick dog instructor and lives in New Brunswick. She has been on HPN since and is going to speak about her experiences and strategies to cope with intestinal failure on HPN over the holiday season.

John Engbers – John has been tube feeding at home for a very long. Shortly after going home on Enteral Nutrition, John transitioned to blended tube feeds all on his own due to limited support from community dietitian services. John is an expert at blending food items and recipes including many high calorie liquids. He also is a grandpa and has some experience normalizing EN for grandchildren.

Deanna Zaverucka – Deanna is a dietitian who works with patients in the Northern Alberta Home Enteral Nutrition program. She will describe tricks that are helpful in getting through the holidays.

Adela Delgado – Adela is a dietitan who works in the Northern Alberta Home TPN program Adela will talk about what food and drink to enjoy and what to avoid over the season.


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