CPPENA: long term complications of HPN and what you can do to prevent them

Date:  Wednesday, April 19 2023
Time:  12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Speaker: Yidan Lu, M.D., C.M, M.Sc. Epidemiology - MUHC, Montreal General Hospital


The webinar will cover common complications related to long-term TPN. The objectives are to understand common complications including those related to central lines, bone health, kidney disease and liver disease. We will review causes of complications and explore ways to minimize complications.

Chair: Leah Gramlich  MD, FRCP, University of Alberta 

Co-Chair: Vanessa Lewis, RD, MHA - Providence Health Care 

About the Speaker:

Yidan Lu, M.D., C.M, M.Sc. Epidemiology - MUHC, Montreal General Hospital - Dr Yidan Lu earned her medical degree, and completed her residency training in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology at McGill University. She subsequently obtained a Master of Science in Epidemiology. Dr Lu also undertook additional training in parenteral nutrition at the CHUM. Her areas of focus are general gastroenterology as well as nutrition, and home parenteral nutrition.


The opinions expressed by the participants at this session reflect personal experiences and are meant for sharing and to stimulate interactive discussions. As such some of these may not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Canadian Nutrition Society or CPPENA. This information does not replace guidance from your healthcare provider. 

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