Cathy Chan is a member and former Director of the Division of Human Nutrition in the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta. She has a broad-based nutrition focused research program including nutritional biochemistry studies of the health benefits of consuming foods such as pulse grains, egg and cheese, development, implementation and evaluation of nutrition interventions for people with type 2 diabetes (including collaboration with primary care networks and First Nations to do this, funded by CFDR and ADI, respectively), development of a childhood obesity model in piglets in a collaboration with B Willing; co-investigator on clinical trials of foods and nutraceuticals. She with Dr. RC Bell is the author of "The Pure Prairie Eating Plan"; application to ongoing research projects such as developing menus for women with gestational diabetes. In addition to her active research program and teaching duties at the University she is currently Scientific Director of the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network of Alberta Health Services where she directs and coordinates research in the province. She regularly attends the CNS annual meeting. She has served as treasurer for the Canadian Physiology Society and is on several advisory committees on health behavior-related team grants, such as the BETTERWISE project, a pan-Canadian intervention in primary care led by Dr. Donna Manca.

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