Frequently Asked Questions

The Canadian Nutrition Society Food for Health Foundation has been incorporated as a Foundation to promote research in the science and practice of nutrition, and to disseminate sound information about nutrition to those in the field, policy makers and the public.

Q. What is the Foundation’s Vision and Mission?
A. Our Vision is to optimize the nutritional status of Canadians to improve their health and quality of life.

Our Mission is to promote the production, application and dissemination of new knowledge and best nutrition care practices for Canadians from conception to old age.

Q. What are the specific purposes of the Foundation?
A. The purposes of the Foundation, from our by-laws and application to CRA, are to:

Q. How does the Foundation accomplish its purposes?
A. The Foundation undertakes research on its own account and funds others to do research. We participate in, and may even sponsor, conferences, seminars, workshops and other events, and we perform outreach to nutrition stakeholders. Underlying all of this, of course, and making it all possible, is fundraising. We will be looking to organizations and individuals interested in nutrition to support us and our work.

Q. What’s the difference between CNS and the Foundation?
A. CNS is a member-based organization designed to create and support a community of those scientists, practitioners and other healthcare professionals interested in nutrition. As such, its primary intent is to provide benefits for its members (sharing of information, professional development, networking, etc.). The Foundation, as a registered charity, will be a vehicle for funding and, at times, conducting research, funding awards for students and others, and providing information to nutrition stakeholders; a Foundation is, by law, not permitted to benefit its members.

Q. How is CNS related to the Foundation?
A. CNS has funded the start-up of the Foundation, and a number of CNS Advisory Council members are serving on the Foundation’s founding Board of Directors. CNS and the Foundation are legally separate entities, but they are mutually supportive and their ultimate purposes are aligned. Reporting links between the two organizations have been established to promote the exchange of important information and ensure continuing alignment of purposes. The Foundation has the ability, based on donations and support from Canada’s nutrition community, to fund awards and scholarships and, as noted above, fund or undertake research to advance knowledge in nutrition; it also has a mandate for knowledge translation – this supports its other purposes. The Foundation’s by-laws provide that between 30% and 50% of its Board of Directors shall be from CNS.

Q. Why should you support the Foundation?
A. You should support the Foundation if you believe in:

By donating to the Foundation, you will make it possible for us to deliver on our purposes, and you will be helping to ensure a healthier Canada. In addition, financial donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Q. How can you support the Foundation?
A. You can support us by:

The future for nutrition is exciting – be part of it today by supporting the CNS Food for Health Foundation!


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