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In 2019, the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) held a workshop focusing on knowledge gaps and recommendations for translating protein foods from the new Canada’s Food Guide to consumers. As a result of this workshop, an article has recently been published in the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism (APNM). A Protein Foods Resource Document has also been developed, that aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of nutrition communicators, healthcare professionals, non-governmental organizations and future professionals on the definition, types (e.g. animal and plant-based foods), and proportions of daily foods that contain protein and the sources of protein-rich foods. 

Protein Foods Resource Document

The objective of the Protein Foods Resource Document is to increase knowledge and awareness of trainees, nutrition communicators, health professionals and non-governmental organizations on the definition of protein foods, various types of protein foods (e.g. animal- and plant-based sources), quantity of protein in different foods, and how to include them in the diet. This resource is intended to be a comprehensive reference with consistent messages and information that will be used to tailor resources for different contexts and populations.

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Along with the Protein Foods Resource Document are three mini resources targeting specific groups that can be used for reference and in the clinical setting.

For Teachers and Health Educators
For Healthcare Professionals
For Older Adults
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