CNS-SCN Member of the Month
– April 2017

Meet Mylène Rosa 

Mylène Rosa received her undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa in Nutrition Sciences, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree at the Faculty of Education with a concentration in Health Professions Education at the University of Ottawa. Her thesis project is focussed on investigating the use of simulations in dietetic programs, more precisely on the assessment of student’s performance during simulations, and how factors such as stress might influence student’s performance.

During her undergrad, Mylène was an active member of the Nutrition Student Association at University of Ottawa, and was also elected as president of her student association. She was involved in numerous committees and has organized multiple events to promote nutrition on campus. She has worked with students to promote awareness of the annual Nutrition Month around the university, the Meeting des Étudiants en Nutrition, and various fundraisers in her community.

Mylène has been an active member of CNS-SCN since 2016, when she began representing the CNS-SCN Trainee Initiative at the University of Ottawa.  Her active involvement is a natural continuum for her social involvement and research interests. At a recent event for dietitians and nutrition students in the Ottawa region, Mylène and Alexandra Pépin, both University of Ottawa student representatives, represented the CNS-SCN Trainee initiative. At this event, they promoted awareness of the organisation, including the upcoming annual conference in May.
Research is an important part of the nutrition practice and Mylène believes it is important to promote it among nutrition students. As a new graduate student in the Faculty of Education, Mylène is working to promote CNS to other health professionals in her program, highlighting the importance and recent advances in nutrition research, and how it continues to impact various fields of practice.