CNS-SCN Member of the Month – March 2016

Meet Andrew Hamilton 


Andrew Hamilton is a current co-university student representative at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS and has been a contributing CNS-SCN member since 2014. As an undergraduate Andrew has attended two CNS conferences in St. John’s and Winnipeg in the past, and will present his own work for the first time at the annual conference in Ottawa this year. 

While working with Allison Barnett on CNS-SCN initiatives at MSVU, Andrew has organized multiple events including a Functional Foods workshop in February 2015, education sessions with Dr. Dan Ramdath in October 2015 and Dr. Debbie O’Connor in February 2016.  His first visit to the CNS-SCN conference in 2014 inspired him to pursue an undergraduate honours project with Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy. 

In summer 2015, Andrew won an NSERC USRA award and commenced his honours project in fall 2015 focusing on the glycaemic properties of pulse flours using an in vitro model.  His training will continue when he enters the M.Sc. AHN graduate program at Mount Saint Vincent University in 2016-2017. 

In addition to his research work, Andrew participated in a product development competition and was recognized, together with another student, for their pizza dough premix.  This project was featured in the media including Canadian Pizza Magazine.

The CNS congratulates Andrew on being the March 2016 Trainee of the Month and look forward to his future CNS-SCN contributions.