Congratulations to the 2024 CNS Award Recipients

2024 Fellows

Alison M. Duncan, PhD, RD, FDC
Human Health & Nutritional Sciences
University of Guelph
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Rhona Hanning, PhD, FDC
Professor Emeritus
School of Public Health Sciences
University of Waterloo
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Benoît Lamarche, PhD, FAHA
School of Nutrition
Université Laval
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William Yan, PhD
Scientist Emeritus, Health Products and Food Branch
Health Canada
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Career Recognition Awards

Khursheed Jeejeebhoy Award for Best Application of Clinical Nutrition Research Findings to Clinical Practice
Thomas Wolever, PhD, DM (Oxon)
University of Toronto
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Supported by Abbott Laboratories Co.
Young Investigator Award for Outstanding Research

McMaster University (McMaster Children’s Hospital)
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 Supported by Abbott Laboratories Co.
INMD / CNS – Early Career Researcher Partnership Prize
Vasanti S. Malik, MSc, ScD
University of Toronto
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 Supported by CNS and CIHR-INMD
Earle Willard McHenry Award for Distinguished Service in Nutrition

Harold Aukema, PhD
University of Manitoba
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Allied Health Award in Nutrition Care

Katherine Schwenger, PhD, RD
University of Toronto
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  Supported by Nestlé Health Science
President's Volunteer Leadership Award

Mei Tom, RD
Alberta Health Services
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Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society
Trainee Award
Canadian Nutrition Society Postdoctoral Award
Megan Beggs, PhD, RD
University of Toronto
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Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society


Trainee Award
PhD Dissertation Award for Outstanding Research
Kelsey Cochrane, PhD, RD
University of British Columbia
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Supported by Centrum


Abstract Awards

Joanne Schweitzer Clinical Nutrition Research Abstract Award

Audrey Moyen, RD
McGill University

Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society
Thematic Conference Abstract Award

Gabriel A. Venegas Silva
University of Calgary

Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society
George Beaton Award for Student Work in Public Health Nutrition

Hayun Jeong
University of Toronto

Supported by the University of Toronto - Department of Nutritional Sciences
The Gordon F. Mutch Young Investigator Award in Diabetes Research

Jianzhang Dong
University of Guelph

 Supported by the Mutch Family

Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award /
Christine Gagnon Memorial Travel Award

Supported by Haleon


Announced at the CNS Awards Banquet

1st Place: Cody Lust, University of Guelph
Tissue distribution of cannabinoids post oral gavage in C57Bl/6 mice is influenced by different carrier oils
2nd Place: Audrey Moyen, McGill University
Effectiveness of a virtual multimodal prehabilitation intervention for patients with cancer undergoing surgery: A feasibility study
3rd Place: Samy Abdullah, University of Saskatchewan
Shifting towards local empowerment: the success of an alternative therapeutic food product to treat acute malnutrition in El Salvador


Abstract Title

Hayun Jeong, University of Toronto
Evaluating the proportion of foods and beverages in the Canadian food supply that would be restricted from marketing-to-kids
Caroline Middleton, University of Toronto
Evaluating the nutritional quality of Canadian long-term care home menus
Jaqueline Munhoz, University of Alberta
Supplementing docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) during neoadjuvant breast cancer therapy prevented decline of systemic immune function 
Briana Toews, University of Calgary
Patient-reported quality of life, biochemical and clinical remission markers following a therapeutic dietary intervention in adult Crohn’s disease patients
Yu Fei Zhan, McGill University
Development of the Nutrition Prehabilitation Screening Tool using GLIM criteria for preoperative malnutrition diagnosis

CNS Poster Award

Supported by Haleon


Announced at the CNS Awards Banquet

1st Place: Ruxandra Rotarescu, University of Toronto
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis reveals higher than expected conversion rates of dietary ALA to whole-body DHA in male and female mice
2nd Place: Rana Raffoul, University of Sherbrooke
Docosahexaenoic acid prevents cognitive deficits and regulates multi-organ metabolism of omega 3 fatty acids
3rd Place: Jaclyn Campbell, University of Calgary
Ketogenic diet increases hepatic mitochondrial density at the expense of mitochondrial integrity in a model of infantile spasms


Abstract Title

Valentin Barbe, Université Laval
Identification of distinct metabolic response profiles to an 8-week freeze-dried blueberry supplement by plasma metabolome profiling
Adrianna Greco, University of British Columbia
Milk and dairy products are the largest contributors to vitamin B12 status in a cohort of healthy, Canadian 18-month-old toddlers
Mai-Lei Woo Kinshella, University of British Columbia
Considering intake of unhealthy foods within the Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women (MDD-W) index: examining the association between maternal dietary diversity and pregnancy hypertension in sub-Saharan Africa
Razieh Mohammadkhani, University of Saskatchewan
Movement to affordable and healthy food environments in Saskatchewan publicly funded recreational facilities
Gabrielle Viscardi, University of Toronto
Identifying barriers to implementing a translational tool on the Portfolio Diet in high-risk communities: A quality assurance evaluation of the for type 2 diabetes prevention and management

Nutrigraphic Award Competition


Announced at the CNS Awards Banquet

1st Place: Lesly Joyce Nkuindja, Université Laval
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles with Motivational Interviewing among University Students
2nd Place: Jessy Azarcoya Barrera, University of Alberta
Mom & Baby Need Choline
3rd Place: Leah Robinson, University of British Columbia
The Gluten Debate: For Children. Is a Gluten Free Diet Nutritionally Adequate?


Nutrigraphic Title

Ravneet Kaur, University of Alberta
Sexual dimorphism in chronic disease: re-adjusting the clinical lens to improve patient care and outcome
Jessica O'Flaherty, Mount Saint Vincent University
Milk at Work: Improving breastfeeding rates through workplace lactation support programs
Tahmina Rahman, University of Manitoba
How to Reduce Risk Perception Gap in Nutrition & Health
Tristan Rocheleau, Université Laval
Get to Know Type 2 Diabetes in a Different Way
Elnaz Vaghef Mehrabani, University of Calgary
Healthy Diet in Pregnancy. Healthy Mom, Healthy Child


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