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Trends in Protein Consumption in Canada: Results from National Surveys


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Julie Johnson


Julie Johnson, HealthFocus International

Proteins are a critical component of all diets. However, consumers around the world can differ significantly in how important protein really is in terms of other dietary factors, why it's important to them, and if they believe they are getting enough. While the emphasis of this presentation is on Canadian consumers, it will draw comparisons to global consumers to see where Canadian's fall in a worldwide lens. The presentation will also deep dive different protein sources and show how positively and negatively they are viewed.

About the Speaker:

Julie Johnson
HealthFocus International

With more than 20 years of experience working in marketing research focusing specifically on health, wellness and nutrition trends, Julie is an authoritative resource for companies who need to understand the attitudes and behavior of their consumers. As General Manager of HealthFocus International, Julie works with the top 50 global food and beverage companies designing projects that will inform their decision making related to their strategies and brands. An informative speaker with an in-depth knowledge of the global consumer, Julie is able to provide insight into what drives consumer's choices and how their attitudes evolve into action. Julie is responsible for developing and managing the HealthFocus Global Trend Study, the largest global study of health and nutrition trends, conducted in over 40 countries since 2000.

** Original Source: Protein Foods Workshop: Identifying Knowledge Gaps in Positioning "Protein Foods" to Canadian Consumers Thursday, October 17, 2019


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Last Updated: November 1, 2019

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Trends in Protein Consumption in Canada: Results from National Surveys Video
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