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The Canadian Nutrition Society/la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) is the leading Canadian society that integrates disciplines and professions interested in nutrition, including nutrition scientists and professionals, healthcare/clinical practitioners, government and policy makers, industry representatives (food developers, processors, manufacturers and distributors), and future leaders/trainees. Our membership represents close to 1000 professionals from across Canada, the US and globally. The CNS was formed by a merger of the Canadian Society for Clinical Nutrition and the Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences, and became operational on January 1, 2010.


CNS is the recognized resource of evidence-based nutrition science and information for all sectors across the nutrition continuum.


Communicate and deliver nutrition science and education, and advocate for best practices and policies that promote the value of nutrition for the health and well-being of the Canadian population.

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Canadian Nutrition Society/la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) has identified strategic priorities in 4 key areas:

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