CNS 2020 Infographic Awards

Infographics provide an excellent platform to showcase nutrition and health concepts in an efficient, easy to interpret, creative, and colourful way.  They offer an excellent opportunity to share evidence-based information with heath care professionals working with patients, as well as to communicate directly to the public (e.g. as posters in public spaces and on social media).

The design and development of infographics is an excellent skill for students/trainees to develop.  In recognition of this, the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) once again conducted an Infographic Award Competition, held virtually in May 2020. 

Winning submissions: 

1st place: Kelsey Cochrane, University of British Columbia
"Milk and Milk Alternatives"




2nd place: Alexandra Kamp, University of Guelph
"Plant Based Proteins"





3rd place: Rachael Donnelly, University of Waterloo
"Tips for Staying Hydrated with Older Age"







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