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2024 Finalists

Infographics provide an excellent visual platform to communicate nutrition and health concepts in an efficient, easy to interpret, creative, and colourful way.  They offer an excellent opportunity to share evidence-based information with healthcare professionals working with patients, as well as to communicate directly to the public (e.g. as posters in public spaces and on social media).

The design and development of infographics is an excellent skill for trainees/early career professionals to develop.  In recognition of this, the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) holds an annual Infographic Award Competition in an effort to challenge trainees/early career professionals to create factual, evidence-based, nutrition and health-related infographics that are visual and contain key messages that are simple and easy to understand.

Competition submission deadline via the online Infographics Management Tool January 31, 2024. You will need to be a CNS Member to access this Tool. Submissions now closed.

To be eligible to participate in this competition, the applicant:
Instructions for participation in the CNS 2024 "NUTRIGRAPHIC" Competition:
Infographic Submission:

Before you submit your Infographic, please make sure you have read, and pay careful attention to, the checklist below.  These items are needed to support your infographic entry.  You will be able to return to the Infographics Management Tool multiple times to submit/edit your entry.Submissions now closed.


* NOTE: If you are selected, you are required to attend the full conference, in-person, in Edmonton, Alberta and the physical printing requirements will be: full colour, sized 24” x 36” minimum to 42” x 42” maximum. 

Please note, incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.

When you are ready, click the button below to enter the Infographics Management Tool.  You will need to be a CNS Member to access this tool. Once in the tool, click on “Create a Infographic Submission” to submit all of the required information. You can return to this form multiple times to submit/edit your entry or to complete with the required documentation. This form will automatically save every 10 seconds.

Click here to submit Nutrigraphic in the Infographics Management Tool

Review Process:
Presentation Process:

If your infographic has been selected as a finalist, you will be asked to follow these instructions:



Award Package:

Submissions are due January 31, 2024.  Submissions now closed.

Guidelines for CNS Infographic Usage
For authors of CNS infographics 
Guideline for Authors +/-
  1. Authors will be asked whether or not they agree with the sharing of their infographics if they are chosen as one of the finalists.
  2. If authors agree, we ask that some verbiage is added to the chosen infographic to be posted on the website. For example: “This infographic was chosen as 1st place finalist in the CNS 2024 Infographic Competition.” The CNS logo must also be included on the infographic.

Citing CNS infographics in research 

Citing CNS Infographics +/-

CNS Infographics may be cited in your research providing that you include the following information:

  1. Author(s)
  2. Infographic title
  3. Infographic publisher (e.g. Canadian Nutrition Society)
  4. Date retrieved
  5. Creation date (although it is also acceptable to use the “posted” date)
  6. Original URL

For example, the formula for citing an infographic for APA is as follows:

Author Last Name, Author First Initial. (Published date). Title of the infographic. Infographic Publisher. Retrieved (date of retrieval), from URL.
Hutchinson A and Panahi S. 2020. Covid-19 and Nutrition: stay strong by eating healthy. Canadian Nutrition Society. Retrieved May 2020, from https://cns-scn.ca/sites/default/uploads/files/CNS_2020_COVID-19_and_Nutrition_English.pdf.


The following websites may offer useful tools and tips : 
These CNS webinar recordings offer important information and tips for creating an effective infographic:

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