Infographics provide an excellent visual platform to communicate nutrition and health concepts in an efficient, easy to interpret, creative, and colourful way.  They offer an excellent opportunity to share evidence-based information with healthcare professionals working with patients, as well as to communicate directly to the public (e.g. as posters in public spaces and on social media).

In recognition of this, the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) holds an annual "Nutrigraphic" Infographic Award Competition in an effort to challenge trainee participants to create factual, evidenced-based, nutrition and health-related infographics that are visual and contain key messages that are simple and easy to understand.  

Of the submissions received for 2023, 7 infographics were selected as finalists. The top 3 are below. 

2023 Winners

The TOP THREE infographics (as judged by a panel of experts) were chosen at the CNS Annual Conference which took place in Québec City from May 4-6, 2023, and announced at the CNS Awards Banquet on May 6, 2023. 

1st Place: Jocelyne Labonté, Mount Saint Vincent University

"How to practice responsive breastfeeding"
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2nd Place: Kristy Yee, Toronto Metropolitan University

"Weight Bias Among Family Physicians"
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3rd Place: Mélissa Bélanger, Université Laval

"Becoming a Parent - Duality of Healthy Eating"
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2023 Nutrigraphic Award Competition
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