CNS Resources for Trainees

CNS has an active student/trainee membership and offers many programs and supports designed to help trainees in nutrition develop leadership skills, experience rewarding networking opportunities, become engaged within the nutrition sector, gain exposure to the various pathways of the nutrition profession, and prepare for post-academic success.

CNS trainee initiatives are planned and implemented by students for students under the direction of the Trainee Leadership Committee. Current trainee initiatives include:


Trainee Activities at Conference

Pre-conference Activities and a Trainee Symposium are typically held each year at the CNS Annual Conference focused on networking and developing and strengthening professional skills for those studying in the field of nutrition. 


University Student Representative Program

The CNS University Student Representative (USR) program is designed to maximize student engagement in educational, professional development, and networking opportunities within nutrition and related fields. The USR program offers the opportunity for students to develop personal and professional skills in organization, communication, and networking.

Additional details about the USR program and how to get involved.

Trainee Mentorship Program

The CNS Trainee Mentorship Program provides an organized structure for mentees and mentors to connect and discuss issues related to career paths, graduate school, work-life balance, professional skills and other topics of interest. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are matched with mentors based on their career aspirations and personal goals for participation in the program.

Additional details about the Trainee Mentorship program and how to sign up.

Trainee Webinar Series

CNS offers a number of webinars on trainee-specific topics of interest. Watch the CNS webinar line-up and Member Updates for current offerings and details.

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