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Home total parenteral nutrition (TPN), sometimes also called home parenteral nutrition (PN), is an alternative way of providing nutrition to a person who does not have a functioning gut, who is not able to eat or is not able to absorb all that they eat. TPN is a solution containing protein, carbohydrate, fat, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that is directly infused into the blood stream. People who are on home TPN are infusing the solution at home, sometimes only for a short period of time, sometimes for many years.

Our goal is to provide health care providers and clients of home TPN programs across Canada with useful information about latest clinical practice and latest research in parenteral nutrition and related topics.

The Canadian Home TPN Registry is an exciting project aimed at collecting pertinent demographic and clinical data on clients receiving home TPN in Canada. These data are used to conduct clinical outcome research, standardize home TPN care across Canada and develop best practice guidelines.

The Canadian Home TPN Registry is supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society and is currently sponsored by Baxter Corp., Calea Ltd., and Royal Drugs Inc.

At this site, you will discover all about the Canadian Home TPN Registry, as well as the participating Home TPN programs and our research findings. We also provide you with helpful information, like links to client resources.

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