About Food for Health

The Food for Health Workshop is an annual pre-conference event of the Canadian Nutrition Society Annual Conference.  The workshop aims to bring together representatives from across the nutrition spectrum to engage in solutions and actions that aim to improve the health of Canadians.  Workshops have focused on issues related to building productive collaborations and partnerships, tackling regulatory issues, addressing conflict of interest barriers, exploring behavioural economics, and aligning health and research agendas. Typical workshop attendees include representatives from research and academia, food and agriculture industries (including developers, producers, manufacturers and distributors), government and health care providers. 



2024 Workshop: AI in Food, Nutrition and Health: Technologies, Use, Opportunities and Challenges

2023 Workshop: Advancing Food Systems Sustainability

2022 Workshop: Nutrition as a Human Right – Dialogue on Disease Related Malnutrition

2021 Workshop: Guidance On “Highly Processed Foods”:  Assessing Impacts from Bench to Bedside

2020 Workshop: Cancelled due to COVID-19

2019 Workshop: Technology at the Interface between Food and Health

2018 Workshop: The Canadian Diet: An opportunity for improved health via our food system

2017 Workshop: Behavioural Economics and Cost Benefit Analysis in Food, Agriculture and Health Systems

2016 Workshop Report: Key attributes of global partnerships in food and nutrition to align research agendas and improve public health.  

2015 Workshop: Translating knowledge from public-private partnerships 

2014 Workshop: Examining Public Private Partnerships in Canada

2013 Workshop: Consumer Disconnect

2012 Workshop: Conflict of Interest

2011 Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities across the Food and Health Continuum





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