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The Canadian Nutrition Society/la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) was formed by a merger of the Canadian Society for Clinical Nutrition and the Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences.  The new Society became operational on January 1, 2010.

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All sectors with an interest in nutrition, including scientists, academics, clinicians, policy-makers and industry, are aligned and have access to evidence-based information, resources and expertise to ensure that nutrition is a key component in promoting optimal health and delivering effective, high quality health care.


Canadian Nutrition Society/la Société canadienne de nutrition (CNS/SCN) is the leading society integrating disciplines and professions interested in nutrition.  We promote nutrition science and education, and advocate for the application of best practice and policies for the promotion of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.


The Society has identified key goals and objectives in four areas:

  • Outreach to Nutrition Professionals and Scientists
  • Outreach to the Nutrition Industry
  • Outreach to Government/the Public
  • Outreach to Trainees

In its outreach to nutrition professionals and scientists, the CNS/SCN aims to provide a unified voice for those engaged in furthering nutrition as a way of maintaining health and preventing and treating disease.  As such, it will reach out not only to those whose full-time concern is nutrition, but to those allied professions and scientists whose practices and research includes a nutritional component.

Much has been said and written about a “gate to plate” or “bench to bedside” nutritional approach.  By reaching out to industry, the CNS/SCN hopes to involve producers of raw foodstuff, food processors, those involved in medical or clinical nutritional products, distributors and vendors, and commodity associations.  The Society views this as an opportunity to provide expertise and an independent point of view to industry players, to assist them in better serving consumers.

Government undertakes to make policy and regulate the larger nutritional market.  The public is the ultimate beneficiary of those policies.  The CNS-SCN sees its role in this area again as a provider of expertise and an independent point of view.  Through our skilled and knowledgeable membership, the Society can provide input into policy formulation and can also assist in educating the public as to nutritional best practices.

Trainees – students and scientists/professionals undertaking a program of ongoing professional development – will have a major impact on future developments in the field of nutrition.  Through outreach to this group, the CNS/SCN hopes to foster the next generation of skilled nutritionists, thereby building a better and healthier future for all Canadians.